Imagine How It Would Feel To Deposit Checks Like This Every Single Month — For Doing Work That You Love, On Your Own Time, From Anywhere In The World...

This check for $6,450 is only the downpayment on a $13,000 freelance project — and nope, it's not mine — it was mailed directly to one of my students after she successfully negotiated a five-figure deal using material from my premium course.

Keep reading to learn how  Freelance Domination 2.0 can teach you how to start and grow a profitable freelance business with skills you already have. (Soon, it'll be your name on that check ;p)

With Freelance Domination 2.0, You Will Learn:

  • How to find a profitable skill that you know people will pay for — even if you don't think you have any good ideas
  • Where to find clients who will pay premium prices for your work (both online and offline), and how to craft killer proposals that get the job every time
  • How to quickly scale your freelancing business to $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more every single month
  • Advanced strategies for creating an endless "funnel" of high-paying clients, and outsourcing the projects so that you can be "hands off" if you choose

Steve Made $200,000 In Just 2 Months!

"Freelance Domination really helped me to decide where my focus should be. It's so easy to find out what money-making skills you have with this course."

Steve Eakin | Freelance Domination Student

Al Booked 5 Clients In Just 10 Days!

I knew I had skills...but I didn't know how to sell them. FLD helped me get myself out there! If you're thinking about signing up, I absolutely recommend that you do it!

Al Clunnie | Freelance Domination Student

"Which Rafter Should I Hang Myself From?"

In Late 2011, I realized that if I stayed at my dead end restaurant job one more day, I was probably going to hang myself from the charming, antique oak rafters of that God-forsaken steakhouse.

Not to be grim — but that's simply how I felt.



All viable options at one point...

I wasn't in any serious danger of hurting myself (you don't need to email me...really). But I was EXTREMELY fed up.

I was so TIRED with being limited to a meager paycheck when everything I wanted to do with my life required two things I didn't have:

  • More free time
  • A lot more money

Now remember, this was 2011 and I'd just seen The Social Network. I was pretty juiced up, imagining that if I just had "the perfect idea"...or could somehow re-do everything and go to Harvard...I could be the next Zuckerberg and finally create something I loved that actually made money.

So I did a lot of meditating. And deep thinking. And agonizing. I was looking for that million-dollar idea. I prayed to a few different gods.

I even went to a psychic to help pull it out of me.

(Serious. Like...not a joke. I was looking for a screenshot of the receipt to show you, but my bank account won't go back that far.)

3 months later, I was still at the restaurant begrudgingly scooping butter balls into plastic ramekins for pre-diabetics who shouldn't have been eating that food anyway...when it hit me....

"I don't need to come up with a new idea. I can just do something I'm ALREADY good at."

It sounds like a shallow, obvious realization...but at the time, it was like it was like Harry Potter walked into my brain and turned the mother f***ing switch on.


If you don't get the reference, you're lamer than I am for making it 🙂

Fast forward to one year later and I'd started not one...but TWO profitable freelance businesses — a college admissions prep firm (offline) and a web design company (online).

Each generated THOUSANDS of dollars every month, while allowing me the freedom to schedule my life how I wanted. The restaurant was a distant memory.


I fell victim to TWO HUGE ROADBLOCKS along the way that almost took me down.

Chances are, if you're on this journey, you will run into them as well.

Keep reading.


Two Roadblocks Standing In The Way Of Starting (Or Growing) Your Freelance Business...And How To Overcome Them

Roadblock #1: "I don't have any good ideas..."

I racked my brain for months on end looking for a profitable idea and came up completely empty handed. I basically assumed that if it wasn't new, innovative or "sexy", nothing I came up with would be worth any money.

Have you ever sat through an agonizing brainstorm session, only to reject every idea that came your way?

"No, that' won't work..."

"Somebody already did that..."

"Nobody would pay me for that..."

I thought like that for MONTHS. It's really easy to feel bitter...or feel like your skills aren't valuable.

Look at what some of the recent Freelance Domination 2.0 graduates are saying about their rocky beginnings:


Here's something you need to understand: If you've EVER had a job before, you have a skill that someone else will pay you to perform. What's in your brain is VALUABLE.

You already have PROOF that your skills are worth money...because you've already been paid to perform them for a company, right?


If you work as an accountant for $25/hour, the firm you're working for most likely bills clients 3-4x that rate for you to do that work...and you're the one putting in all the effort!

From that experience alone, you know:

  1. There is a demand for your skills
  2. The market will bear paying at LEAST $75-$100 an hour for good accounting services

But somehow, you've talked yourself into the idea that it's "ok" to accept $25/hr.

Doesn't that blow your mind?

Once I realized how valuable my skills really were, I decided that instead of working harder...or dedicating more hours to a job at the say pay rate...I could simply learn how to leverage what I already knew to make more money by cutting out the "middle man" and keeping much more of the money for myself.

That, my friends, is freelancing.

Almost anything you can think of can be turned into  a freelance business...

  • Writing
  • Web design/development
  • Teaching/tutoring
  • Personal training
  • Social media/branding
  • Nutrition/diet
  • Relationship counseling
  • Legal services
  • Administrative work

The list goes on and on. But you get the picture.

All of these skills could be turned into a business that generates THOUSANDS of extra dollars every month — allowing you to stack up extra dough on the side...or quit your job if you want.

But the battle isn't over. Once you realize that your knowledge IS powerful and valuable, you'll inevitably stumble on the next hurdle — which is something that even experienced freelancers fall prey to...

Roadblock #2: "I'll figure it out as I go along..."

Did you play sports, or participate in any clubs in high school or college?

Most of us did something extra-curricular because we enjoyed it. Remember feeling of suiting up on game day, or performing in concert, or showcasing your work for others to see? It's exhilarating.

Finally being able to do something that, weeks or months before seemed impossible, is literally one of the best feelings you can ever have. But the truth is, if you've ever built something from the ground up — especially a skill — you know that in order to see results, you have to go through a process that incrementally increases your proficiency until you get the result you're looking for.

It's NEVER as simple as "just doing it."

It DOESN'T get easier. In fact, you could be doing it all wrong for years, costing yourself time, money and energy.

Think about it like this... Do you just pick up a violin and start playing Mozart without learning to read music? Do you just strap on some football pads and run on the field Friday night without some serious practice first? Do you just decide to start acting, and perform in a play without memorizing your lines? Ummm, no. You simply CAN'T develop any of those complex skills overnight without creating a system to practice and improve first.

So why do people try to launch freelance businesses without any roadmap in place to ensure that they're actually making progress? 

I think they're forgetting one CRUCIAL element: Building a business is a SKILL. 

  • You have to become SKILLED at identifying your profitable ideas, testing them, finding clients, and negotiating with them.
  • You have to become SKILLED at dealing with objections and using psychology to make clients choose you instead of other, cheaper alternatives.
  • You have to become SKILLED at creating scalable systems that allow you to get paid what you deserve for your work — and move your rates up with confidence.

Only a SYSTEM can help you build a skill.  This was a huge "a ha" for me and it forced me to take a hard look at what I was doing, and spend YEARS perfecting a step-by-step method for improving your my freelancing abilities until I was finally making the money I wanted. The system is so powerful that at this point, I can essentially scale it up or down depending on my requirements. If I want to work a little harder to make some money, I can do that. If I want to take a break and scale it back, I can do that too.


Just TWO WEEKS of invoices from my PayPal account for my new consulting business. About $9,600. That’s more than I made in FOUR MONTHS at my old restaurant job. This was only possible once I learned how to create a PREDICTABLE SYSTEM for generating freelance income and became skilled.

But 99% of people who try to start freelancing on the side don't have any type of system to help them build these skills, and ultimately, make money. They try a bunch of things to get clients and bring in revenue. Some things work. Some don't. They don't really know what compels someone to buy from them over another service provider.

"Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes..."

They have no systems in place to predictably find more clients or improve their income, so they naturally they feel lucky just to get someone who wants to hire them.

"Better not charge too much...don't want to scare them away."

Even though they KNOW they're worth more.

Even though they can't afford to live how they want to charging such low rates.

Yet in the back of their heads...they know there are other freelancers out their KILLING IT.

These professionals have clients knocking down their doors to pay them 10x what most people charge.

"WTF. How the hell does he change $20,000 for a WordPress website?! I can barely get my clients to cough up $2,500."

What are they doing wrong? Are they bad people? Are they unskilled?

No. They simply don't have a SYSTEM in place.

They don't have Freelance Domination 2.0.

Look how much money successful students are making just weeks into the course:



Finally! A Proven, Step-By-Step System For Building A Thriving Freelance Business From Zero To Six-Figures...Without All The Frustration, Guesswork And Uncertainty That Comes With Starting A New Business

Freelance Domination 2.0 is an interactive multimedia course that combines HD video lessons, strategy documents, live classes and a private community to help you start your freelance business from scratch and scale to six figures.

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • 1

    Week 1: Finding Your Profitable Freelance Idea & Validating It

    Everybody has SOME skill that they can make money with. Week 1 dives deep into what your unique talents are. You'll learn how to determine what makes an idea good, what your skills are worth, and exactly how to identify your target market.

  • 2

    Week 2: Researching Your Clients and Competition

    You'll learn exactly how to get inside the minds of your potential clients and find out exactly what they want before they ever ask Then, use those same skills to scope out the competition and see exactly how you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

  • 3

    Week 3: Building Your Online Presence

    In Week 3, you'll learn how to create a great website that will impress prospects with how well you know their desires — and even create systems to automate the lead generation process so that whenever somebody comes to your website, they are compelled to work with you.

  • 4

    Week 4: Finding & Onboarding Clients

    In Week 4, you'll learn the 7 ways to find clients quickly and easily — even if you've struggled to find them in the past. Then, you'll learn a simple way to "onboard" your clients so that they feel engaged and happy to pay.

  • 5

    Week 5: Pitching, Persuading & Negotiating

    What are the psychological triggers that compels someone to buy? In Week 5, you'll learn exactly what it takes to position your services as highly valuable. Then, you'll learn advanced strategies for negotiating higher rates and overcoming tough objections.

  • 6

    Week 6: Advanced Referral Strategies

    In Week 6, you'll learn how to create and maintain advanced referral systems designed to deliver a consistent stream of clients. Never worry that the well will run "dry" — use these techniques to book yourself solid.

  • 7

    In-Depth Bonuses

    Each week comes with in-depth bonus tutorials to supplement your core lessons on advanced topics from psychology and negotiation, to forming partnerships, to technology.

Included With Your Membership, You Will Also Receive:

  • A full "vault" of strategy guides, worksheets and ready-to-use documents
  • Access to the private Freelance Domination community
  • Full audio and video downloads for every piece of material
  • Bonus tutorials and expert interviews
  • Personal support and attention from the Rich20Something Team to help you push through your challenges
  • Access to multiple live classes every month to do group work (Gold Level)
  • Full "back-dated" issues of all live classes, including transcripts and video (Gold Level)
  • Priority email access to Daniel (Gold Level)

Brand New, Exclusively in Freelance Domination 2.0

  • How to outsource your work and move from "freelancer" to "owner"
  • Mastering Online Markets: Hacking Upwork — advanced tactics
  • Leveraging client feedback to give better service and make more money

What Sets Freelance Domination 2.0 Apart From Other "Start A Side Business Courses" on the Market?


When I started developing this course, I began with a very simple premise: students don't need more information. They need more support and encouragement.

Yes, Freelance Domination 2.0 has hours of in-depth tutorials to teach you exactly how to start a grow a profitable freelance business to six figures.

But what you'll find even more useful is the welcoming community of likeminded individuals that are here to help you make the "jump," lend support, and an ear.

You'll also love the live classes, where we use small group interaction to make sure that you're never "plateauing" or getting bored — which is a problem with most online courses.

Bilal C.

Interaction Makes All The Difference

"I’ve taken a lot of courses, and the content is always good, but at the end of the day, they’re just online videos. They don't always apply to your situation and you need to get personalized help.

What set this course apart for me was the personalized help I was able to get from Daniel to break through specific mental barriers I was having. Other courses just don’t offer that.”

Bilal C.

Tested With Hundreds of Students in Dozens of Fields

The course has been rigorously designed to help you find and develop a profitable skill. Anybody can use Freelance Domination 2.0 to rapidly grow a side business — or start a six-figure endeavor:

  • Writers and authors
  • Personal trainers
  • Artists and musicians
  • Athletes
  • Tutors
  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Accountants
  • Personal chefs
  • Coaches
  • Yoga teachers
  • Pet sitters
  • Consultants
  • Interior decorators
  • Web designers and developers
  • Many more!

Should You Join? Don't Ask Me.

Here's What Real Students Are Saying:

Jennifer Got Her First Client In 30 Days!

"I have a business now, and I didn't before Freelance Domination. That's pretty awesome!"

Jennifer Chavon | Freelance Domination Student

Matt Left His 9-5 Job To Write Full Time!

"You're investing in yourself and ultimately, you buy this to make more money. And that's what happened to me!"

Matt Hearnden | Freelance Domination Student


Adam Became His Own Boss!

"You'll have access to the best community of like-minded individuals going after the same ultimate goal as you freedom."

Adam Tilsley | Freelance Domination Student


$10k In Just 2 Weeks! Bryan Is Killing It!

Two weeks in, I signed a contract for $10,000. The group is so helpful...because of that help, I was able to build a successful relationship with my client."

Bryan Liggons | Freelance Domination Student


Phill Naylor Made Over $8,000 In Just 2 Months!

"If you're on the fence about taking this course, definitely jump in. I can't recommend it enough. The course [Freelance Domination] is great! Jump in and kill it like I am."

Phill Naylor | Freelance Domination Student

Share Your Biggest Wins, Vent Your Frustrations And Get Help From A Responsive Community Of Smart, Motivated People Just Like You Who Actually Care About Your Success


Most courses promise some sort of "community" element. They promise that you'll get support from peers and mentors.

Then, after you pay for access, you get a link to some dead, spammy facebook group that hasn't been updated in 5 years.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.47.28 PM

This is the most recent post from a "community" I'm part of on Facebook. It was

part of a fitness product that I bought.

The açai diet? Ugh.

There's a HUGE difference between slapping together some  half-baked 2002 forum parading as an exclusive membership site and a thriving, regularly updated community full of helpful advice.

Take a peek at some of the private conversations we have every day inside the Freelance Domination community...

Here's one student, August, detailing how he successfully raised his rates...

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.27.44 PM

Bowie was super excited when she got her first client!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.28.48 PM

And here's a typical Monday "roll call" as students sound off on some of their recent victories...

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.32.40 PM

Now, I want you to look a little bit closer...

Not only are students doing well (always a plus) — but look at how engaged and supportive everyone is.

Posts regularly get hundreds of views and dozens of comments, ensuring that if when you need help, you have a community of friends ready and waiting to give you a helping hand.

Whether you're a complete beginner trying to figure out how to get started, or you're an advanced freelancer looking to up your game, we have your back.

You'll never be alone on your journey.

What would it mean to have a group of friends and advisors like this at your fingertips 24/7, ready and waiting to help motivate you, encourage you and give you the advice you need, right when you need it?


Which Membership Level is Right For You?

Over 15 Hours of HD Video Lessons
Step-by-Step Worksheets & Checklists to Guide You Through Each Week
Detailed Homework Assignments at the End of Each Lesson to Keep You on Track
Bonus Tutorials on Outsourcing Your Work and Getting Web Traffic
Special Master Classes on Idea Validation, Mastering Online Job Boards & Leveraging Client Feedback
Sample Proposals, Project Agreements, Contracts & Other Documents to Jumpstart Your Work
MP3 and HD Video Downloads of Every Lesson
Convenient PDFs To Review the Material
Private Access to the FLD Support Community
Full Access to the Freelance Domination Live Classroom For Monthly Meetups, Advanced lessons, Group Work Help
The Complete Library of classroom Sessions, with transcripts, Video and Audio — Over 20 Hours in Total
Priority Email Access to Daniel to Help You Stay Motivated and Work Through Your Sticking Points
Special Access to the FLD Job Board Where You'll be Able to Find Clients And Collaborate With Other Freelancers
Get Instant Access

Micah Made $500 In 3 Weeks Using His Skills!

"If you can only buy one this this year, buy this course. You'll learn so much...and finally be able to start making what you deserve!"

Micah Dickson | Freelance Domination Student

Shay Finally Found Her Profitable Idea!

"I didn't know how to do, when to do, what to do, or where to do...and now I know all these things [because of Freelance Domination]."

Shay Mattadeen | Freelance Domination Student

The Freelance Domination Insurance Policy

This material works — dozens of students have proven it over and over again.

That’s why Freelance Domination 2.0 is the only digital course in the world with a full insurance policy.

It’s simple: If you pay in full try the course for 30 days. That’s longer than the course itself, so you have plenty of time.

Apply the material. Meet the community. Really dig in and use all the tools at your disposal. Show us evidence that you tried your hardest to make it happen! If after 60 days of real effort, you haven’t found any success with the course, we’ll give you a FULL refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Freelance Domination Course? +

Freelance Domination contains six weeks of in-depth video lessons, to which you’ll have lifetime access. However, your membership also includes access to the LIVE classroom sessions, held every week. You can continue to attend those live classes after you’ve enjoyed all six weeks of recorded content.

I've already tried other courses on starting a business or freelancing before. How is Freelance Domination different? +

In addition to the in-depth video lessons, toolbox and community, Freelance Domination includes something that no other digital course on the market does: LIVE help from Daniel during weekly classroom sessions. You’ll have a chance to dive deeper into the material, get your biggest questions answered live and receive personalized help for your specific situation.

I'm already a successful freelancer. Is this all beginner material? +

This is my favorite question. And there are two answers:

If you’re still working from client-to-client as a freelancer, getting paid decently, but still “hunting” to survive, Week 5 will teach you all about leveraging your existing clients to create NEW revenue with very little work. And you’ll learn how to create automatic referrals that literally fill your calendar with work.

Week 6 is all about the transition from freelancer to owner. If you’re still doing all (or much of) the project work by yourself, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll learn how to hire and outsource your work so that you can step into the role of a business owner instead of a technician   — while reaping the rewards of scaling your work.


I have a full time job. How much time is this going to take? +

Freelance Domination is designed to take “at your own pace.” The hours of video content will be there for you to access forever — and you’re welcome to attend a live class any time you choose. But there is no obligation. Take a break if you need to. We’ll be here 🙂

Does Freelance Domination ONLY work with online job sites like Elance, oDesk, etc? +

Great question! While we certainly recommend these sites as great places to jump off — Freelance Domination has a broader focus than just online job sites. The course will teach you how to successfully navigate the in’s and out’s of both online and offline freelancing.

I want to do X [INSERT FREELANCING FIELD]. Will Freelance Domination work for THAT too? +

Most likely. The course is designed to teach you how to take ANY service, position it, find customers and sell it. If you can do it, Freelance Domination can teach you how to sell it.

I live in [INSERT COUNTRY]. Will the concepts still work? +

Yes. Freelance Domination is NOT country-specific. All the content is based in the psychology of sales, and the systems and strategies for finding clients are universal.

As a student, will I get access to any new content you add to the course later? +

YEP :) I’m proud to announce that as a Lifetime Member, you’ll have access to all the new content I add on strategy, negotiation, psychology and business building. Free, forever.

Are there payment plans? +

Yes. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to have access to this powerful information — so I’ve included a 12-month payment plan (although the single payment option is a little cheaper :) )

Oh Yeah. One More Thing...


When I created this course, I knew that I wanted to make something much bigger than a few videos and PDF lessons. I wanted to make lifelong friends and build relationships that extended far past business.

That's why FLD is the only online community of freelancers that actually meets up regularly in real life all over the world.

Whether it's grabbing burgers in Santa Monica...

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.17.21 PM

Or it's taking catching some epic sun on the beach in Costa Rica.

(Yes, we take international trips. As a group. Because we're awesome. Deal with it.)

We run multiple trips a year to lots of amazing locations including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Bali and Brazil — and as a member of Freelance Domination, I hook you up with some pretty sweet discounts on travel.

Only one question: Where do you want to go?

PicMonkey Collage-1

Here's a quick video of the beautiful sunset on the beach in Quepos, Costa Rica. Six of us flew down to spend a week talking strategy, building our businesses and having a LOT of fun. I don't normally do videos like this, but I had to make an exception ;)

And if you can't make it on a trip this time, I still got you.

We've found lots of little ways to show members that we care — and it makes a big difference.

Come get some of this FLD swag :)

PicMonkey Collage

Which Membership Level Is Right For You?

Over 15 Hours of HD Video Lessons
Step-by-Step Worksheets & Checklists to Guide You Through Each Week
Detailed Homework Assignments at the End of Each Lesson to Keep You on Track
Bonus Tutorials on Outsourcing Your Work and Getting Web Traffic
Special Master Classes on Idea Validation, Mastering Online Job Boards & Leveraging Client Feedback
Sample Proposals, Project Agreements, Contracts & Other Documents to Jumpstart Your Work
MP3 and HD Video Downloads of Every Lesson
Convenient PDFs To Review the Material
Private Access to the FLD Support Community
Full Access to the Freelance Domination Live Classroom For Monthly Meetups, Advanced lessons, Group Work Help
The Complete Library of classroom Sessions, with transcripts, Video and Audio — Over 20 Hours in Total
Priority Email Access to Daniel to Help You Stay Motivated and Work Through Your Sticking Points
Special Access to the FLD Job Board Where You'll be Able to Find Clients And Collaborate With Other Freelancers
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